Champions league matches

Dear members,

As you probably know the draw for the Champions League has been made on Thursday. Atlético will face Juventus, Olympiakos and Malmö.

Fixtures :
September 16th : Olympiacos – Atlético de Madrid
October 1st : Atlético de Madrid – Juventus
October 22nd : Atlético de Madrid – Malmö
November 4th : Malmö – Atlético de Madrid
November 26th : Atlético de Madrid – Olympiacos
December 9th : Juventus – Atlético de Madrid

The opening fixture in Greece is too early to organise a tour with the fanclub. If you want to attend this match however we can still order the tickets for you.
You can do this by transferring 50 euros to our account before Wednesday September 3rd at 20h.
This so we can order them as soon as possible. Like last season we will send you the money back if the ticket is cheaper, or ask the remaning difference.

The match in Sweden against Malmö is an ideal opportunity to travel again with our fanclub. In case you have a concrete interest to join us we ask you to send us an email before September 18th. When we know the exact amount of people that want to go we can decide on travelling by car or a bus. (In case you live outside Belgium and have a different way to get there it is still possible to order tickets of course)

For all the other matches we ask you to transfer 50 euros 4 weeks in advance of the matchday. As soon as the exact ticket prices are released we will then send the difference back, or ask for some extra when needed like explained before.

Important info :
Our bank account is BE49 9731 0051 5171 (BIC : ARSPBE22)
Always mention clearly your name and match you transfer the money for.
Afterwards send us an email with your ticket request and a proof of payment attached to your mail.

Thanks a lot and hope to see you soon !
Peña Atlética Diablos Rojiblancos

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