Champions League trip to Leverkusen

Dear members,

First of all best wishes to all of you !!

Our trip to Leverkusen is getting closer and we are working hard to make it a great one..

The most important criteria, obliged from Madrid, for a ticket is that only members who have a socio card will be able to buy a ticket for the match in Leverkusen. It’s not too late yet to become a socio, and also for future European matches this will be necessary.

You want to travel with us to Leverkusen ? Make sure to complete the next steps before Friday January 9th 2015 :
- Become a socio member if you aren’t one yet (more info at
- Transfer 70 euros to our account BE49 9731 0051 5171 (BIC : ARSPBE22) to the attention of Diablos Rojiblancos. Make sure to mention Leverkusen and your name in the comment.  As soon as we know ticket prices and have the final price for the bus we will as always transfer the money back if it was too much, or ask the remainder when it was insufficient. However we expect the 70 euros to be enough for the match ticket and bus travel.
- Send us an email that you want to join and attach the proof of payment (only when we have the payment receipt you will be on the list officially)

A detailed description of our day will follow soon, but here is already an overview of our plan :
- Together with +-15 Spanish members of the peña 17 de Mayo we’ll leave around 13h from Ternat to Germany
- One stop will be made to pick-up members that are coming from the direction of Antwerp and the Netherlands
- A couple of hours before the match we’ll meet with the German fanclub at Cologne in a typical Brauhaus
- We’ll leave immediately after the match

Kind regards,

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