Becoming a member

Why ?

It is said that being an Atlético fan is different. Some are born as one, others become one through family, friends, attending a match, ..  One thing is clear though, one you are caught by the Atlético virus it will not let go of you.  Good or bad results, more trophees in the trophee room or not : Atlético fans stay faithful to their club.

The experience before, during and after the match is unique … And we love to share that with you !

In Belgium, travelling together, meeting other foreign Atlético fans, ..  You will notice that immediately you will be part of a ‘family’ .

We also try to stimulate this by organising gatherings during the year and one yearly event.

How to become member of our fanclub ?

We ask a fee of €20 euros per season.  (Children under the age of 12 of our members can become a member for free)
This will serve for the costs we make (website, flag, ..) but of course you also get something in return :

  • personal membership card
  • Fanclub scarf
  • prioirty on ticket sales (For European matches and finals you also need to be socio no abonado)
  • possibilty to travel with our fanclub

After the payment of €20 on our bank account (IBAN BE49 9731 0051 5171 /BIC : ARSPBE22)  to the attention of Diablos Rojiblancos with your full name as reference, send the the following to

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • address
  • phone number
  • national identity card number

We need these data to send you the membership card + scarf, as well to apply for tickets in the Champions League.