Who are we ?

We are a group of Belgians living across Belgium (and even outside) who share the same passion for Atlético Madrid.  Throughout the years we already whitnessed some great moments and matches :

  • European matches end of the 90s
  • Supporting Atétletico in the second division
  • Celebration of the centenary
  • Memorable Europan away matches (eg. Liverpool, Celtic, ..)
  • …. and more recently the European and Spanish Cup finals

And we are convinced there are many to follow …

During all our travels, common contacts/friends, .. we meet more and more people who share passion and interest for Atlético Madrid.
With the arrival of Thibaut Courtois, and recently Toby Alderweireld, our great club gets more and more attention, and also during oru travels we meet more Belgians than some years ago..
Because of that we dediced to found a Belgian fanclub with the purpose to bring all these people together and share our experiences together.   We will also offer them the possibility to attend matches, supply them with information, …